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D21 encourages participation and helps to make better decisions that are based on a wider consensus.

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Democracy 21

The voting method for the 21st century

Traditional voting systems only look for winners and losers. The results are black and white.

Democracy 21 instead values satisfaction of the people with the result, either in a city, a school or a company. By enabling to cast multiple votes and even a minus vote, Democracy 21 shows a colourful range of preferences and reveals points of consensus and controversy.

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More than just winners & losers

More votes per voter

No more voting for the lesser evil. By giving greater choice and flexibility to each voter, D21 allows voters to better express their preferences and achieve consensus.

Minus votes

Allowing voters to cast minus votes highlights areas of controversy and measures relevance. Voters get one "minus vote" for every two "plus votes".

Know Who Is Answering

Our secure and anonymous system allows voters to feel comfortable sharing more about themselves. This enables us to find interesting patterns and our users to generate new ideas.

Which decisions could D21 help you with?

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New York City - Participatory Budgeting

Participatory Budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. It’s grassroots democracy at its best - and D21 was the technological partner of it in 2016 and will be again in 2017.

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I Run Říčany

Ricany is a key D21 partner in the Czech Republic. This city is a front runner in citizen's engagement and participation. A goal of the administration is to increase the role of its citizens' in decision-making processes and to make sure that these decisions are based on rich data. To achieve these objectives, D21 helped Ricany create a unique participative program “I Run Říčany”.

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Prague 10: Brand New or a Renovated City Hall?

As many other cities in the Czech Republic, Prague 10 has to deal with an out-dated City Hall building. The authorities decided to relocate it, but wanted to see if that's what the residents really want. So, D21 revealed residents' true, helping Prague 10 save the money and see a whole range of data on residents' needs, preferences, and opinions on their services and amenities.

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Paris Climate 2015: Make It Work

A challenge of any negotiations is to find consensus and to know where the points of disagreement are to pay special attention to those. As Sciences Po - Paris stood up for a challenge of showing the world that a climate conference can reach an agreement, D21 equipped it with set of tools that made sure this success story would go as smooth as possible.

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NHS Citizen, UK

Public health and healthcare are top list of any government's priorities. In order to improve the services, the England's National Health Service wanted to include patients, service users, and general public's voices into this discussion. Capturing and making sense out of all the opinions is a challenge, to which D21 had a solution.

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What they said about us

Carina Rochard

Carina Rochard, Conference Director at The International New York Times

„D21 helped us create a new kind of dialogue at the heart of our conference experience. Adding live voting to our events has been a great way to bring our full audience into these critical discussions.”
Vladimír Kořen

Vladimír Kořen, mayor of Říčany

„Anyone responsible for governing a city should be tuned into the needs, desires, and sentiments of his or her citizens. By this logic, there is nothing more valuable than opening up a space for regular public input. With D21, my citizens are just one click-of-a-button away from being able to share their priorities and concerns with our City Hall.”
Vojtěch Franta

Vojtěch Franta, architect and 2nd deputy mayor of Mariánské Lázně

„D21 has allowed us to define a common vision of the town for the year 2031, to finalise the assignment of tasks for the competition to design a new spatial plan and to reveal citizens' areas of satisfaction and concern. Why should we try to come up with some vague assignment of tasks, when we can ask people what really bothers them and what are they happy about? The consensus that D21 is able to find among people is priceless.”
Zuzana Vránová

Zuzana Vránová, Resident of Prague 10 and Sponsor of the third most popular Prague 10 PB proposal

„What was most empowering about the process was that I was solely responsible for my proposal. I didn’t have to rely on an employer or colleague to come up with my idea and circulate my plan. What this showed me was that anyone can have a say and an important role in this process. Every citizen’s input is just as valuable as the next’s. On another note, I am strongly in support of the use of negative votes, which I believe helped prevent the implementation of less reasonable options.”

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Vote how you want

  • Easy to create rich poll contentMake your polls beautiful and content-rich. Introduction screens, customized branding, images, videos, attachments and maps. It's all there.
  • Various methods of voter verification You can ensure that only the people you want to vote will be able to do so: Use our dedicated registration tool to create verified voter lists; invite voters by e-mail or SMS; make sure everybody votes only once by giving them a unique PIN code; or have them verified by a text message.
  • Simple voting and data/results collection, both on paper and onlineAre you keen to move all your voting or polls to the online world but still have folk who want to stick to paper ballots? D21 provides a streamlined solution for generating great looking paper ballots from the content created online, scanning them and transferring them back into data to be pooled with online votes. Simple!

Why we do this

We envision a society where people are motivated to participate in the choices that affect their lives - where they live, work, and play. Our mission is to create a fair and simple tool that will enhance any kind of decision-making, powered by the effect of more votes, transparent and accessible to all.

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