Participatory budgeting in schools

Practical experience with the democratic process for children, in just three weeks!

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What is School PB

School PB is an educational tool for teachers and students to practice knowledge gained in the classroom. Compared to „real“ PB at the city level, this is not very difficult and time consuming. It is fun, motivating and students can implement it easily. Children easily gain experience in practical democracy as a result of your efforts and see that their activity preferences and opinions lead to concrete solutions and real change.

Benefits of PB

Participation is an activity that brings immediate and long-term benefits to all stakeholders (students, teachers, parents, school, or school founder - the city). It is a win-win solution.


Can understand democratic principles, are involved in decisionmaking, can develop their creativity, financial literacy, communication and presentation skills, learn the active approach and learn to think within a particular context


Involve children in useful activities, improve atmosphere in the classroom, enhance mutual communication with children, and gain a new perspective on thinking, priorities, wishes and needs of their students


creates a democratic atmosphere, increases transparency, strengthens the confidence of students in school management, gives detailed insight into the opinions and thoughts of students, and is a tool to open communication with parents, contributing to better protection of students

School PB process

School PB process has 7 stages and can be easily managed within three weeks.

How can D21 help you with your school PB?

D21 has prepared a detailed online guide for school coordinators, methodology for teachers, worksheets for pupils and a pack of promotional materials. You will receive all the documentation needed for each stage of school participatory budgeting in one place.

We offer you secure online voting and immediate results using our D21 online application, which is able to generate ballot papers for paper voting as well.

Reactions to PB

(Marie Lejčková

Marie Lejčková, principal of elementary school Bezručova, Říčany

„A call for partnership with D21 emerged two years ago from a meeting of the school principals in the city of Říčany. Since then, our school hosted events in which students were asked to participate in decision-making. The aim was to involve children in decisions about school changes, to appropriately use financial subsidies from the city, to see the school through the eyes of the students and to motivate them to increase their sense of belonging to the school.”

Need more information?

We have prepared an e-book, which summarizes all information on school participation.

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Other services for schools


Surveys and data processing are very effective tools for setting priorities, defining positives, negatives, and risks (eg. early detection and identification of socially dangerous behavior). Surveys are modeled according to specific needs and requirements of the schools. It is an extremely valuable tool for all participants in the process: children, teachers, and school management.

School surveys should be prepared in collaboration with child psychologists and school counselors. Presenting the materials in an attractive way, adapted to age and based on good communication, is what motivates students to participate cheerfully and also lends greater validity to the results. The right approach makes every poll effective and undemanding without interrupting classes and regular school activities.

Enrichment of school parliaments

Student councils simulate representative democracy at the school level, teaching children how to think politically and how to participate in public life at school. Student councils can be effectively used within the framework of school participation: they can act as a platform for consultative referendums and surveys, and can actively generate new themes and set up a school agenda.

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If you wish to practice school PB at your school, contact us for a speedy reply.

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